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NOTICE: Our Asana Kickstart implementation program has been very successful this year and continues strong! Book a Free Intro Consultation.

Because of the focused, hands-on approach to helping teams implement Asana, we haven't been able to provide the program at a price that small nonprofits and startups can afford. So, we've decided that, in addition to delivering onsite implementations and training, we are also making it into a series of self-directed courses in order to hit our goal of helping 500 teams implement Asana be end of year 2020. The first two modules will be launching February 2020. The blog, which started in October has been put on hold so that we can focus on current onsite implementations and on the courses. We'll resume the blog in April 2020.

DID YOU SEE IT? Timelines. now. in. PORTFOLIOS!

Portfolios, timelines, summary projects (dashboard projects).

STOP! NO more busywork! Use NEW Asana Rules.

Automation tutorials, Asana "Rules," third-party add-ons to take it to the next level.

3...2...1... LAUNCH! #AsanaTips

Welcome to the first edition of #AsanaTips!